BREAKING: Hoffman Supporter Tire Flat; Sabotage Claimed (UPDATE: He Ran Over a Bottle)


More mischief in the NY-23 race: RedState says “a Hoffman supporter and poll watcher had his tires slashed this afternoon.”

“Hoffman poll watcher runs over nail & has ONE FLAT TIRE, not slashed,” tweets Texas4Obama. “WOW, UR NOT EVEN THERE & U KNOW IT WAS A NAIL?” rejoins TacAirlifter.

In New Jersey, site of the Corzine-Christie-Daggett race, Election Journal says a “New Jersey police officer” saw a man he had previous arrested “and another who had just been released from prison for shooting a cop” campaigning for Corzine. “The officer, who’s name we are with holding, specifically heard the men discussing that he was a police officer and that they now know where he lives,” the Journal further reports.

More mayhem as it develops.

Update: The truck driver ran over a bottle, reports Capt. Michael Branch of the Plattsburgh City Police Department. But the outrage continues!