Oh, Hi Jay-Z, How’s That Phillies Hex Going?


Badly! Photo courtesy of Questlove, who took it upon himself to watch the game with Mr. Carter at Citizen’s Bank Park last night, and even captured the sullen, impotent moment above–Jay throwing up three trembling fingers in the direction of his woeful team, who couldn’t quite make it to four when it mattered. No worries. Your ears were cold. You got heckled for wearing the wrong hat. Your security forces were off keeping taps on Beanie Sigel, just in case. It was an off night. You’ll get ’em tomorrow back in New York, right? Empire State of Mind! Acela Series! And yet, quietly you decide: no more games with Questlove. And just as quietly we say: find this man, Ahmir Khalib Thompson, wherever he is tomorrow, and stay close. [@questlove]

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