Afterglower: Hoffman “Unconcedes” NY-23, Absentee Votes Remain Uncounted


Conservative Doug Hoffman, encouraged by unexpectedly strong post-election-night gains on recanvassing in some counties (and by Glenn Beck), has “unconceded” the recent NY-23 Congressional race. He showed himself unsure of the wisdom of his concession days ago, but his declaration on Beck’s show may be taken to mean that he will support measures to re-enliven the race.

What this means as a practical matter is unclear, as Bill Owens, who received Hoffman’s revoked concession, has already been sworn in. Also, Hoffman’s chances of overtaking Owens with the yet-uncounted absentee ballots are no sure thing. Nonetheless, the election has not been certified by the Board, and the possibility remains that Hoffman could be declared the winner and Owens removed, as does the possibility of lawsuits, recounts, etc.

It’s a bare hope, but if you like your politics dramatic and ridiculous, as we do, this is an unexpected bonus. Enjoy it while you can: the BOE expects the absentee ballots to be fully counted by week’s end.