What Was The Best Movie of The Decade?


Was it Glitter? Gigli?

No, let’s stay away from the ‘G’ films.

Instead, I’ll toss out some of the decade’s Best Picture Oscar winners, just as possible selections to crown from:

The Lord of the Rings trilogy?

Million Dollar Baby?


No Country For Old Men?

Slumdog Millionaire?

Still nothing worthy of best-in-decade? All right, how about some Best Picture nominees that didn’t actually cop the big prize:

Brokeback Mountain?

Lost in Translation?

The Hours?

The Pianist?



Hello? I hear deafening silence, people! How about this year’s classics, the ones duly headed toward Oscar glory in 2010?

Precious? The Fantastic Mr. Fox? The Hurt Locker? Up?

And let’s bring on the foreign films:

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon? Volver? Y Tu Mama Tambien?

STILL no fucking winner?

All right, then, Glitter? Gigli?

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