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Today’s Battle of Political Outrages: Sarah Palin’s Hat vs. Chuck Schumer’s Bitch | Village Voice

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Today’s Battle of Political Outrages: Sarah Palin’s Hat vs. Chuck Schumer’s Bitch


Which of the today’s internet political shrieks wins the battle of Depressing Indicator of Our Discourse of the Day — Sarah Palin’s un-McCain hat, or the continuing uproar over Chuck Schumer saying “bitch” on a plane?

The answer may surprise you!

The Palin Hat, first revealed by TMZ, is an old McCain campaign cap the former governor of Alaska wore on a recent Hawaiian vacation. It is Controversial because Palin blacked out McCain’s name on the hat, suggesting a grudge. Palin countered that the blackout was part of an attempt to go incognito and that she still admires the old man greatly. It’s the talk of the asylum: Yak, yak, yak.

Schumer and the Swear was stupid from the start (“BELTWAY ARROGANCE,” screamed Michelle Malkin, others), but its dumbassery is compounded by persistence: the Post sees a sinister pattern and, in a ripe display of GOP PC, Republicans are using it to attack Kirsten Gillibrand, who was seated next to Schumer at the time, for not leaving the plane in a huff mid-air. Yak, yak, yak.

So who wins?

The winner — Michele Bachmann! She always wins, even when she’s not playing.

The Minnesota Congresswoman is at a Family Research Council “prayercast,” at which some guy calls for a celebrant to “lead us in prayer, asking for forgiveness of governmental leaders who have not looked to God.” Bachmann steps right up with Bible quotes, presents herself as a “stand-in for others who may not have looked to you and all your ways, Father, as leaders” (hint hint!), and asks God for forgiveness “for our own country,” though we “deserve your wrath.” Then the guy starts holy-rolling to beat the band. (h/t Rumproast.)

That was mischievous, we admit. With Bachmann around, the fight will never be fair.


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