Ex-Scientology Official Scrambles As His Blog Gets Hacked


Our old pal, Mark Bunker (a/k/a Wise Beard Man) sends along this holiday breaking news…

Marty Rathbun‘s blog has been hacked and hijacked, and with WordPress folks unavailable for a week or so, the former high-level Scientologist is relying on a backup site for the time being.

It was on Rathbun’s blog in October that he unveiled a spectacular four-part letter written by Crash film director Paul Haggis announcing his defection from Scientology.

While Haggis’s criticisms of the church he belonged to for 30 years got a lot of media attention, Rathbun himself was an even more controversial defection for Hubbard’s cabal.

Rathbun was once at the highest levels of the organization during some of its most crucial years (when it regained its tax-exempt status in 1993, for example), and was trusted enough to audit celebrities like Tom Cruise and Jason Beghe.

Now that he’s out, he has caused Scientology major headaches by cooperating with a terrific St. Petersburg Times multi-part series earlier this year, and by constantly criticizing Scientology leader David Miscavige at his own site.

Given Rathbun’s track record, hackers won’t put a dent in his efforts.