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Andrew Cuomo Subpoenas E-mails, Etc. in Pedro Espada Investigation


Attorney general Andrew Cuomo has subpoenaed a bunch of files relating to Soundview Health Care Network, the medical business empire of state senator Pedro Espada, Jr (pictured). E-mails, text messages and cell phone records are demanded.

Espada pledges his full cooperation with the investigation, which is believed to concern Espada’s use of Soundview in his political campaigns, though he adds, “I am not going to be someone’s political piñata here.”

In 2008 our own John DeSio found Espada at a Soundview-sponsored “health fair” at which Espada campaign materials were handed out. Other Soundview personnel have been convicted of diverting company funds to Espada campaigns in the past, but so far the senator himself has avoided such a fate.

Cuomo has looked at Espada before in connection with the hiring of Espada’s son to what was thought to be a bogus job, from which the son later resigned.



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