Report: Paterson Wants to Legalize Ultimate Fighting to Raise Cash for State


If you’re having trouble making a living in the current economy, good news: Soon Governor Paterson will allow you to fight to the near-death for pay in New York. Alternately, you can just watch others do it, with the state taking a cut of your blood money. Sources tell the Daily News Paterson will include in his January 19 budget announcement the proposed legalization of Ultimate Fighting Championship matches, a popular mixed-martial-arts competition that has been banned in the state since 1997.

Proponents say Ultimate Fighting is no more dangerous than boxing, and may be growing more profitable than the more traditional form of approved form of brain-beating-in (particularly in such advanced jurisdictions as Australia), which is probably what’s motivating the Governor.

Assemblyman Bob Reilly, who does not favor legalization, sees the writing on the wall, and tells the Albany Times-Union he may try to reach a compromise that makes a legalized UFC “making it illegal for a fighter to hit an opponent when he’s down and limiting the use of elbows.”

The Governor’s alternative plan is rumored to be bare-knuckle boxing in vacant lots, with cops encouraged to look the other way via a privatized incentive program.


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