Less Artists More Condos Flee Under 100, Land at New Venue: St. James Church in Chinatown


It was Ariel Panero’s Less Artists More Condos that was putting on the shows down in Damon Dash’s Under 100 basement, at least until Dame shut everything down and rebranded the entire enterprise as DD172. Before that, LAMC called an actual West Village condo on West 3rd Street home — there, Panero et al booked High Places, Wavves, Crystal Stilts, etc. until problems with neighbors, cops, and too much press got that place shut down as well. Between the two venues, LAMC did shows at the ill-fated Shank, on a old pirate ship, and in Chelsea, beneath the renovated High Line. Now, Panero and crew seem to be trying their hand at this Manhattan DIY thing once more, surfacing at Chinatown’s St. James Church, where Brooklyn Vegan points out they have a show booked this Friday with the Beets, Tony Castles, Beach Fossils, and Total Slacker.

There’s even an open bar from 8-9 — the kind of thing that one might think would garner the same kind of unwanted, hostile attention that’s already chased Panero all over the city. But what do we know? “I think we need to do whatever we can to get underground bands platforms in Manhattan,” Panero recently told Crawdaddy!‘s Ben Westhoff. “My goal is to get more people than they would have if they played in Brooklyn and just sent out Facebook invites.” So there you have it. Will this new venue last? We’ve emailed Ariel about it, but have yet to hear back. If we do, we’ll update.

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