A Fucked Up Diss Song Targeted at Sonic Youth Exists, Is Called “Cranking To Sonic Youth”


Some backstory here: At last year’s ATP New York, VBS.TV’s Ian Svenonius goaded Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon to uncharacteristically attack their labelmates and fellow punk rockers, Fucked Up, calling the band “dude-core” in front of a live audience. (The event would later make Fucked Up frontman Damian Abraham’s “Coolest things of 2009,” where he noted it was “a super lame thing to say.”) But! Coincidentally, that very same day at ATP, Fucked Up members Ben Cook and Jonah Falco found themselves in a makeshift recording studio with an English troublemaker and zine publisher named Ben Rayner, putting to tape a song called “Cranking to Sonic Youth.” The word “cranking,” Rayner would later tell VICE, refers to the act of “crying and wanking at the same time.”

The sole lyrics to “Cranking to Sonic Youth”? The verse: “Cranking to Sonic Youth/ Goo in your hand/ Goo in your hand.” And the chorus: “You love Thurston and you love Kim/ You love art and you are thin.” And the song survives! On Wednesday, VICE premiered the mega-punk, extra-crunchy impromptu recording of “Cranking to Sonic Youth” in all its aggro, damaged glory. “What’s funny,” adds the prankster rag, “is that about a year ago Ben split up Wavves at Primavera. True story. If there’s indie gossip, Ben’s probably the root cause.” Is any of this actually true? Who knows. (Pictures on Rayner’s site seem to prove that the hangout session at least went down.) But you can listen to what may or may not be Fucked Up’s declaration of all out war against their punk elder siblings here. We’re guilty of everything in this song besides the cranking part, that never even occurred. But anything is possible, right?

[Oh, and elsewhere, the band appears to confirm that Todd P’s maybe-SXSW rival festival in Mexico is very much still in the works. Quote: “We are coming back Austin, and we welcome all challengers; your Pheonix’s, your xx’s and jj’s, bring us all the TuNeYaRdS and Passion Pits you have, we are ready. We are coming back for TWO (announceable) special shows, and maybe one 3rd Mexican el concierto especial.” Sounds like Monterrey!]

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