Lit, Other Nightclubs Grab Temporary Reprieve as the City Moves to Shut Down M2 Ultra


Well, that clears that up: smoking violations in New York City nightclubs will get you shut down, as Chelsea’s M2 Ultra Lounge found out the hard way yesterday. At a Health Department hearing yesterday, the city cited “photographs of bouncers chatting with cigar smokers, cigarettes for sale in bathrooms and waitresses serving drinks to people with lit cigarettes in hand” as evidence of M2’s cavalier attitude toward New York’s anti-smoking laws. “We made it clear we will go forward and we are not interested in making a deal,” said city lawyer Thomas Merrill. “I’m not going to do that when I’m not confident they can’t commit to the Smoke-Free Air Act.” Other nightclubs in attendance–including East Village stalwart Lit, and Simon Hammerstein’s crypto-burlesque cocaine spot the Box–were given until next month to prepare their cases. Might we suggest they begin with a website edit? [NYDN]

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