JELLY NYC Pool Parties Saved! (Again!)


The Department of Parks and Recreation let slip back in December that the embattled, endangered JELLY NYC Pool Parties had been given a reprieve by the city that had temporarily tried to shut them down. But, as Senator Chuck Schumer’s rep assured us then, it had yet to be put in writing, and thus wasn’t a done deal. Now Schumer, advocate for the summer concert series ever since he–as legend now has it–inadvertently rode through one of the shows last summer on his bicycle, makes the news official. “The MOU”–that’s memorandum of understanding–was “sealed and delivered,” said Schumer in a statement sent out today. “FREE Jelly NYC Pool Parties will be back in 2010. They are a big part of why summers in NYC are so great and I am thrilled to see that they will return in 2010.” He added: “I can’t wait to ride my bike this summer to the East River State Park to rock out at these concerts once again.” We deeply look forward to whatever it means to see New York’s senior senator “rock out,” and also have every intention of challenging him to a bike race.

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