The Greenpoint Coffee House Closes Its Doors Today


Today marks the end of a seven-year run for the Greenpoint Coffee House: amid rumors that its landlord is taking over the space to open a bar or similar venture, the coffee house’s owners have been forced to call it a day. Although its food was never anything to get hot and bothered about, the GPC, which opened in 2003, was one of the first establishments to make Greenpoint’s Franklin Avenue the boite-and-boutique breeding ground it is today. And as a reliable and generally friendly place to get a cup of coffee and log on to the Internet, it will be missed. The letter from one of the GPC’s staff members (posted on the Greenpointers website) informing the community of the closure follows after the jump.

Dear Greenpoint,

After seven short years, the Greenpoint Coffee House will meet its maker this Monday, February 8th, at approximately 5pm.

The hours for our final two days of service:

Sunday – 10 to 5:30, kitchen open from 10:30 to 5
Monday – 8 to 4:30, kitchen open from 8 to 4

False rumors of the GPCH’s demise have regularly swept through the quiet alleys of west Greenpoint. One rumor would not die, that our lease was denied renewal by the building’s landlord. While we hoped to remain in business until the end of March, it became unadvisable, if not impossible, given the normal difficulties of operation mixed with the added turbulence of unwinding such an establishment. And suddenly, here we are.

A true community has called the corner of Franklin and Green “home.” For this group, including owners Louise and Brian, the many staff members past and present, and our beloved regulars throughout the years, this is a lamentable moment. An era will end on Monday and memories of the Greenpoint Coffee House will live on, on their own anomalous terms.

Sorry for the immediacy of it all. We hope those who wish to say goodbye will have the chance to enter the space one last time, ready to celebrate whatever the place has meant to them. An official party of some kind will (hopefully) be planned, so stay tuned.

Take Care.

Chris Ruen (staff) on behalf of the GPCH

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on February 8, 2010

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