Male Whoring at GQ’s Best New Designers Party


Discussed: Duckie Brown, Native Son, Cynthia Steffe, Michael Angel

It’s now day two of Fashion Week mayhem and we’ve already experienced major hearing loss thanks to last night’s Patti Smith’s set at the LNA after party, and almost passed out at the slew of Channing Tatum-esque male models before us at the GQ Best New Designers showcase in Chelsea. Did we mention that we crashed this male show revue, er, fashion show? And apparently dogs are also allowed front row seats, that is if you’re owner is Kelly Osbourne. Well… let’s recap the damage.

Most of day one had us positioned in Chelsea where we couldn’t help but notice a train of cute men lined up at the IAC Building from across the street. “It’s a GQ party,” said some nice helpful gentlemen. It was in fact the CFDA and GQ Best New Menswear Designer show featuring lines by Richard Chai, Billy Reid and Vincent Flumiani for Caulfield Preparatory. Among the eye candy were fellow hotties actors Josh Lucas and Justin Bartha.

Sitting front row at Michael Angel’s Degas-inspired line with her pooch was indeed Osborne looking quite angelic in a white lacy dress. A fashion show wouldn’t be complete without Sean Lennon, in a top hat and bowtie–and gal pal who was wearing a hoodied dress (she kept fidgeting with it the entire time).

Also front row was a Tavi imposter! Like the infamous tween blogger, “Julian” an androgynous kid that also fashion blogs “for fun.”

We also attended Native Son presentation at Pier 59 that promised to expose the future of men’s fashion. It seems that because of Avatar, and James Cameron in your face action, Native Son felt they too had to shift into modern day age of 3D. Another outstanding men’s line was that of Duckie Brown with a ska-ish themed show. His rude-boy designs came complete with lots of plaid pants and old school baseball hats.

And on a last note: If you see empty seats, especially in the front row like we did at exquisite ultra-femme Cynthia Steffe show and “producers” are motioning you to sit in a better seat, we advise you to stay where you are. Late arrivers–like say the pesky fashion writer that had to make others return to their seats causing an annoying commotion just seconds before the house lights went on, kept mouthing “sorry.”


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