Models Have It Hard at Fashion Week? Well, Maybe Sometimes.


We have long been led to believe that being a fashion model is one of the more ridiculously fun and exciting jobs a young person can have in life. But during Fashion Week there’s always at least one show that makes us question this notion–if only for a nanosecond.

When the 11 a.m. United Bamboo show at the Altman started closer to noon, causing some around us to impatiently groan in their seats, we presumed the holdup was Sean Lennon, who had a reserved front-row seat (he never arrived).

However, we later learned that the culprit was most likely the challenging hairstyle given to the models by Hirofumi Kera for Shiseido. We heard some girls were less than thrilled backstage as their stick-straight tresses were rubbed with a Shiseido lotion, wrapped around wires, blasted with heat, and then uncoiled and separated into a gorgeous frizz–one of the most memorable runway looks we’ve seen so far! Ah, the price of beauty.

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