Blue Bottle Coffee Co. Poised to Delight Williamsburg Coffee Snobs


Caffeine cultists, rejoice: The Bay Area’s feverishly fetishized Blue Bottle Coffee Company is coming to Williamsburg, perhaps as early as tomorrow. Diner’s Journal reports that the Oakland, Calif.-based company is opening a coffee bar on Berry Street, and will serve both the de rigueur drinks like espressos and cappuccinos and New Orleans-style cold drip ice coffee, “nel drip” coffee made with Japanese flannel filters, and single-origin espressos. The cafe will use a painstakingly restored vintage San Marco Leva, as well as a fleet of otherworldly Japanese slow-drippers.

Back in the Bay Area, locals have been known to wait 40 minutes for a cup from one of Blue Bottle’s push carts. And while the company’s founder, James Freeman, tells the Times that “We’re not trying to impress anybody, we’re trying to express our excitement,” one would think that in a town where people will line up an hour for cone-shaped “pizza,” they’ll be more than willing to queue for what has been called the “most fervently religious cup of organic joe.”


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