Stupid Party Are Much More Punk Than You Are; See Them Tonight at Death By Audio, or Download “Sludger”


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Stupid Party are crusty, grungy masters of the bruising garage-pop that has been rocketing bands like Shellshag, Screaming Females, and Jeff the Brotherhood to the top of the Village Voice playlists–hell, they’re even playing with the latter two tonight at Death By Audio. Why Stupid Party haven’t blown up is beyond our comprehension, since they’ve got everything that’s beautiful about ugly fucknoise rock–short songs, dollops of feedback, Jesus Lizard yowl, superfuzz bigmuffery–but with big colorful hooks that belie their disheveled exterior. They’re even swell guys who host wild, occasionally stupid parties in their Brooklyn home. “Sludger,” from their recently released self-titled debut (Freedom School) is one of their slower lurches, a Kyuss stomp with a Mudhoney yowl. Swallow quick, best served cold.

Download: [audio-1]

Stupid Party guitarist/vocalist Cory on “Sludger”

What is “Sludger” about?

Sludger is about a friend of ours who has been pretending to live this super mystical punker-than-thou life for the last, I don’t know, 12 years. But the truth is that person just gets a check from mom and dad every two weeks and lives off that shit.

How did this song come about? What was the inspiration?

It was a cool riff. And we were living with the aforementioned.

How did you decide to have both a song named “Sludge” and a song named “Sludger”?

“Sludge” was one of the first songs we wrote, just a Sabbath riff-off. We don’t like it anymore. “Sludge” was a good name. I think we should just name all of our songs based on what they kind of sound like. “Baby” should be called “Garage”; “Closer” should be called “Shitty ’90s indie.” Dinosaur Jr. kind of did this. Then we wrote “Sludger,” which is also kind of heavy and slower or whatever. So we added an ‘R.’

What was the last show you put on at your house?

Last show we had was on New Years, it was really cool. Shellshag played until 4 a.m. We had a giant spider and balloon drop. Our house was hell, next door was heaven. We were getting onto something pretty deep and spiritual, man. But the Village Voice didn’t have someone taking pictures this year. What the fuck guys? Stupid Party needs to get famous.

What’s your favorite sludge sound on any record and why?

“Nothing Left Inside” on [Black Flag’s] My War–Henry, man, I think this record makes me almost like you as a person. “Sacrifice” on [Flipper’s] Gone Fishin’. “Skweetis” on that Melvins record. Shit is heaaaaaaavy. But we only listen to hard rock now. I only like Slade’s Slayed? and everyone is getting mad at me.

What’s the most interesting reaction someone has had to your band?

That older rock photo weirdo, Lee Black Childers saw us at some blacked-out show at Tommy’s Tavern a few years ago and told Chuck we were unbearable or tortuous or something. He knew Bowie and Thunders and stuff. This shitty band in Boston called us boring while we played on stage–they were right. Then the review of the show said we were too lazy to tune, which is punk.

Do you think New York rock is too “nice”?

I’ve actually met some of the biggest assholes in my life because of New York Rock.

What’s the most memorable show you’ve played in New York?

The last time we played our friend’s apartment on Tompkins Ave. in Bed Stuy was really great. The floor was bouncing like it was about to cave in and I think I ended up on the fire escape behind the drums while Carolina from Bad Blood Revival punched my guitar all over the floor. The Bowery show with JEFF The Brotherhood and Ted Leo was memorable only because of that weird bouncer from the Bronx who guards backstage coming up to us and Jeff and giving us a lot of shit for drinking all the beer. Earlier in the night he showed me a video his brother had sent him of KISS playing in Florida that same night. I wish we didn’t end on such bad terms, that guy is great.

What’s your favorite place to eat in Brooklyn?

When i was a kid there was this deli on Ocean Avenue next to this pet store that had great matzoh ball soup. I think they’ve been closed for like, 15 years though. I hate the diner Chuck works at because I got fired from there. Everyone else likes 7th Avenue Donuts in Park Slope but I hate boring diner food. Difara if you can make it out there, duh. Really I’ll say the bakery on the corner of Union and Grand that used to be called La Bonita but has a different name. Best egg and cheese for like, $2.50; espresso and milk for a buck; and “milk chakes” for $3. Breakfast lunch, dinner, whenever.

Stupid Party play Death By Audio tonight with Screaming Females and JEFF The Brotherhood.

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