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David Paterson to Election Rival Andrew Cuomo: Probe Me!


It’s all but official: Andrew Cuomo will not be running for governor this year against David Paterson.

The accidental governor is highly unlikely to run for any office now that he has asked Cuomo to investigate him.

The era of Dick Ravitch as caretaker of the Albany graveyard is just around the corner.

In what has to be an unprecedented move, even in Albany, a sitting governor (Paterson) has asked his chief rival in the next election (Attorney General Cuomo) to investigate him for possible wrongdoing. What’s more hapless than that? The request effectively ends any slim chance the accidental governor Paterson may have had of winning a legitimate term as governor.

Paterson, in fact, is on the verge of being driven from Albany at any moment, now that the scandal involving his aide D.J. Johnson is mushrooming like an A-bomb cloud.

If Paterson was an accidental governor, Ravitch will be more of an accidentally on purpose governor, having been brought in as lieutenant governor after a court fight to help give at least a little legitimacy to Paterson’s regime.

If only Eliot Spitzer had kept his finger out of prostitutes and on the public pulse…

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