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David Paterson Supporters: Rod Blagojevich. Calling For Him to Resign: Everyone Else.


Think bowing out of the governor’s race has saved David Paterson’s hide? Far chance. Now nearly everyone is demanding he resign.

“The Governor has made a wise choice to end his election campaign,” says State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli. “Now he needs to make another wise choice and designate Lieutenant Governor (Richard) Ravitch to negotiate the budget with the Legislature.”

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver says running the state now “would be an impossible task for even a strong leader.”

The Post‘s Fred Dicker tries to get Mayor Bloomberg to join in, but he won’t. “Bloomberg was being overly optimistic by taking Paterson and the legislative leaders at their word,” says Dicker.

“New York should move forward under Governor Ravitch,” says New York City Comptroller John Liu.

The TimesBob Herbert says that in Paterson can’t “reassure the public that his overall judgment is sound and that he understands what was wrong about his behavior… then he should hand the keys to the governor’s residence to the next in the line of succession, Lt. Gov. Richard Ravitch.”

72 percent of New York Daily News poll respondents say Paterson should quit.

Revelations continue to spill out on the ruffneck gubernatorial aide whose case sparked this whole thing: The Times reports the aide, David Johnson, contacted top state police officials to get them to talk to one of his alleged girlfriend-victims

“One public official after another has brought on self-immolation by cover-ups more damaging than any revelation,” says the Albany Times-Union‘s Rex Smith. “How often do we have to learn the lessons of Watergate, a generation later?”

They all come out at times like this: State senator Ruben Diaz, close amigo of girlfriend assailant Hiram Monserrate, calls Paterson “hypocritical” because he backed Monserrate’s ouster while allegedly engaged in a cover-up of his aide’s domestic violence. Diaz adds, “God don’t like ugly.”

State Republican Chairman Ed Cox says Paterson’s downfall is “just the latest example of the Democratic Party’s culture of corruption, stemming from their absolute control of government on a state and nationwide level.”

Adding insult to insult, the Post‘s Maggie Haberman claims sources say former governor Eliot Spitzer “was angry with Paterson for the turn of events…”

Paterson has one guy in his corner, though: Disgraced and removed former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich. “If the governor of New York believes what he’s doing is right for the people, and he did nothing wrong, then he has to make a decision on what is best for the people of his state, irrespective of what the president — even of his own party — says.”


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