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A Tale of Two Vosses | Village Voice


A Tale of Two Vosses


What are the odds that two players on the gay scene would be named Brandon Voss?

Way lower than the chances for two twinks at Beige to be named Chad.

As I mentioned in my new column, one Brandon Voss is a writer for The Advocate.

The other is a promoter for fab gay parties like Club 57.

And the resulting confusion could make for a gay sitcom!

Says the Advocate writer, “It’s a confusion that’s been going on since I began editing HX in 2004, when the other Brandon Voss was working as a bartender at xl. It started off with xl patrons telling him how much they loved his interviews, which annoyed him, but sometimes he’d say he was the HX editor to get into clubs quicker.

“Then there’d be tense confusions at various gyms and salons where staffers accused me of being an imposter trying to use his membership account!

“But the biggest mix-up was when a go-go boy at Jonny McGovern‘s Rambles at the Park asked me on a blind date through a coworker. We met up, there was a little weirdness, but we had a good time. I later found out that he thought he was going out with Brandon Voss the xl bartender, who he’d been admiring from afar for weeks!

“But long story short, he was nice enough to sleep with me anyway.”

Wow! If there’s another Michael Musto you’re in love with somewhere out there, please still call ME for dates.

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