So Jay-Z Visited the President at the White House Yesterday


“I don’t know where you are,” said Jay-Z yesterday during a tour stop at D.C.’s Verizon Center, speaking to the child of an unnamed White House staffer, “but happy birthday. I just came from the White House. And your pop works there. He said, ‘Happy Birthday.'” The White House later confirmed the visit to the Post‘s Chris Richards, telling him “the rapper toured the White House on Wednesday and had a quick, unscheduled visit with President Obama.” For some reason, Jay brought tourmate Trey Songz–whose three singles, “Say Aah,” “Neighbors Know My Name,” and “I Invented Sex” are currently burning up all kinds of radio stations Sasha and Malia are presumably forbidden to listen to–who later Tweeted: “Had the honor of meeting Barack Obama today – Surreal – GOD bless The President and his family,” before adding “he told me ‘Congratulations on all your success, I’m proud of you.'”

Obama’s famously a fan of Jay’s of course. And as we once argued in these pages, Jay returned the favor two years ago when he did an awful lot of significant work to help get Obama elected. For his troubles, his wife was asked to play the first couple’s inaugural ball. Later, Jay’s Blueprint 3 was more or less saved–in one reviewer’s humble opinion–by the fact that he’d found political and artistic footing in a calling bigger than himself. (Not that he still won’t occasionally have a bodyguard absolutely annihilate a fan that gets too close.) So think twice before you scoff at how supposedly ridiculous this is, OK?

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