Food, Inc. Nomination Has Corn Industry Spitting Mad


While many of us are excited for a particularly foodie Oscar night, the corn industry isn’t so pleased with all of this year’s nominees. In particular, it’s up in arms over the nomination of Food, Inc. for Best Documentary. The National Corn Growers Association says the film, which exposes disturbing industrial farming practices and condemns the corn industry as one of conventional farming’s worst offenders, shouldn’t win. It’s urging its members to publicly spurn the documentary in the final days leading up to the Oscars.

One corn farmer interviewed said the film angered him because it omits the good his industry does. Corn’s abundance is attacked in the movie for being used to speed up the fattening of livestock, and even for contributing to the country’s obesity and diabetes rates. But no mention is made of its use in feeding the world’s hungry. In any case, the votes are in. Should Food, Inc. take the prize, it will shine perhaps even more light on some of the mainstream farming industry’s more appalling practices. But Big Food, surely, will not go unheard. As veils continue to be pulled back, people will be forced to assume more responsibility for how they choose to eat. And, if industry is forced to adapt to those changes, then so be it.

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