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A Vote for Health Care: Saving Americans the Cost of Keeping Rush Limbaugh Alive | Village Voice

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A Vote for Health Care: Saving Americans the Cost of Keeping Rush Limbaugh Alive


If you work somewhere with a sales “team,” this is the kind of thing they’d refer to as “added value”: if purposed health care reform measures pass, Rush Limbaugh will leave America. Presumably, for more than just a vacation.

This might free up a few undecideds.

So! As prolific Tweeter and film critic Roger Ebert pointed out, Rush noted today on his show that if health care reforms are passed, he’ll leave the country, and move to Costa Rica:

Or if you can’t stand the sound of his voice, the money quote:

I’ll just tell you this, if this passes and it’s five years from now and all that stuff gets implemented — I am leaving the country. I’ll go to Costa Rica.

This has naturally produced some decent headlines.

Ezra Klien at the Washington Post: “The single best reason to pass health-care reform.” Politico: “Rush in Exile?” And of course, from the wonderful world of Twitter: “Costa Rica JUST HAPPENS to be one of the world’s more thriving teenage sex tourism markets.” Naturally.

Sadly, the full context, as Politico already pointed out, indicates that Rush would only be leaving to get health care in Costa Rica. But the fervor over his statement brings an interesting issue to light!

Because here’s a genuine America’s Mascot, this grotesque troll who gave rise to and inspired an entire cottage industry of bloviating scareclowns, blowhards of every stripe of political affiliation, people who’re paid to scream, shout, and drown out anything resembling intelligent, spirited debate, which wasn’t once an oxymoron but now more or less is. People like Rush employ hateful rhetoric that’s ostensibly trying to pass itself off as impassioned, but really, is essentially designed to compel people into listening past the next commercial. This thing is one of the reasons people can’t talk about politics: because somehow, it became more and more acceptable to do what he does in public forums. Cut to Glenn Beck.

So what if we can’t totally get rid of him? We wouldn’t want to do that to anyone else, would we? As a nation, we’re not that hateful. Maybe we are. But the fact is, he’s our product, our mess to deal with, but it’s his unalienable right to find good health wherever he wants. And if he’s contributing money to another economy while saving Americans the expense of keeping that vile fuckface alive, I’d say it’s a pretty win-win situation.

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