When Gary Coleman Got Uppity


In his new memoir, Killing Willis, Todd Bridges talks about the moment his Diff’rent Strokes costar Gary Coleman developed an attitude.

He says that once Gay became super famous, his father became convinced his little son was the focus of the show’s success and decided he didn’t want Gary hanging out with black people.

“They didn’t seem to have any black people in their life anymore,” writes Bridges.

Of course Gary DID still have Bridges in his life, but he turned shady to him once he became filled with dad’s overblown ideas of his own importance.

According to Bridges, Gary suddenly had an obnoxious comeback for everything that was said on the set. When Bridges told him not to talk that way to him, Coleman reached up and slapped him.

Bridges knew Gary was basically a pawn for other people’s agendas, so he didn’t really hold it against him.

Besides, while Gary made a bunch more money, Bridges got way more sex.