Counting Bodies (Um, Literally) in the New Video For Fabolous’s “Body Ya”


Following up on the genius conceit of Fabolous and DJ Drama’s There Is No Competition 2: The Funeral Service, which is basically that Fab kills rappers, and Drama is his undertaker–“Fab got the morgue, and I got the mortuary!” (?!)–comes the video for the mixtape’s de facto single, “Body Ya.” The concept? Fab has a serious case bodyya (it sounds realer if you say it in thick Indian accent, as his doctor does in the video), and anyone who comes into contact with him will drop dead. So what does Loso do? Take a long walk, of course. In the spirit of April Fools, we played a prank on ourselves and our valuable time and chronicled every body in the resulting death spree. Care to wager on the total?