Media Moves: Gawker’s New Full-Timer, the NY Observer’s New Media Mob(ster), Our New Weekend Guy


“Time to get paid, blow up like the World Trade,” noted a young Notorious B.I.G. on his way to the top of the rap game, before he was brutally murdered in the climax of a rap war that left both him and his west coast equivalent, Tupac Shakur, dead. Hopefully that won’t happen in this case! As three media youngsters are settling into new media reporting gigs, it would be nice if they were harsh, but fair with their colleagues, and hopefully, manage to avoid all gun violence on their way to filing as many W-9’s and W-4‘s as they can over their sprightly careers.

YO, ADRIAN!: Like he’s never heard that one before.

Every time a star dies, a supernova is born. Or something? John Cook and Alex Pareene recently announced that they were leaving Gawker’s flagship site for other gigs. Congratulations to my former colleague and co-historical anthropologist, Adrian Chen, who has now been brought on as a full-timer at Gawker. Adrian’s written for the Onion News Network and made some wacky videos before being hired by Gabriel Snyder to be one of three night editors at Gawker, a gig he started on November 8, 2009. Trivia: This is Chen’s first full-time job out of college.

More Trivia: Gawker Media owner Nick Denton recently (comically) mistook Chen and fellow night/weekend editor Maureen O’Connor for squatters and/or strangers in the Gawker offices, and kicked them out of a conference room for a meeting. A meeting that they were waiting for to start. With the rest of the Gawker staff. Anyway! Nick likely knows who they are now, as will their readers.

Media Mob > Goodie Mob?: Okay, so they actually have very little in common with the rap group that spawned Cee-Lo and thus, Gnarls Barkley, which spawned a million covers of “Crazy,” which, whatever, this tangent’s gone on too far already. The New York Observer‘s newly launched media vertical helmed by two of New York’s star media reporters, John Koblin and Felix Gillette, have added another to their ranks: former Mediaite weekend editor Zeke Turner. Turner, who’s also contributed to New York Magazine‘s Daily Intel as a weekend editor, is no doubt going to make a solid addition to their team.

Koblin recently wrote a cover story for the Observer on the media hiring “thaw.” There’s no better way to prove that thesis than throwing some manpower behind themselves, which they just did. The Observer‘s also been covering the frontlines of the forthcoming battle between the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal‘s new metropolitan section, which is a pretty great story in and of itself. For a while, media reporting was simply a matter of who was getting fired and going down at what publications. Brass tacks: Another media reporter with another media reporting job not only adds to the composite picture of whether or not there’s a media hiring thaw, but also, if media reporting is going to see a renaissance the way finance reporting did over the last few years with the recession and banking failures. For fans of clusterfucky, self-referential rabbit-hole news insanity, this is great news.

Finally, not at all related: GET RICH TO THIS.

The New Weekend Warrior: Alex Alvarez at Fishbowl NY already took care of this, but yes, another former Mediaite weekend editor, Joe Coscarelli, has been liberated from the school of Dan Abrams to come join the Dread Jolly Pirate Ship Runnin’ Scared as our Weekend Editor, and not to throw “the mack” down either. Anyway, if you’re the kind of superficial asshole who only reads other blogs based on their previous pedigree, we now have Gawker, Radar, Mediaite, BlackBook, and YOUR UNEMPLOYED DAUGHTER DOT COM pedigree. If you weren’t reading us before, you should’ve been. If you are planning on doing so now, fine, we’ll forgive you. And if you’re still not convinced? Here: boobs. Now bookmark our shit.

Joe starts this weekend, and Jen and I will be hanging around and throwing down as well. This’ll be fun.