Morning Links


Happy Thursday. We wish you a glorious tax/census/free-coffee-from-Starbucks (with reusable travel mug) day.

For those productive folks who have already done their taxes and censuses, fear not! Amuse/disturb yourselves with the following:

• God help us, Tea Partiers are educated. This new New York Times/CBS News poll is a revelatory must-read. Key tidbits: Tea Partiers believe their views reflect 84 percent of Americans, only 2 percent have supported the movement by giving money, and they get most of their information from TV Glenn Beck. Also: Sarah Palin is not qualified to be president.

• Time for a backup plan: Russia has announced that it will suspend all adoptions by Americans, following the incident in which a 7-year-old Russian adoptee was sent back to Moscow alone by his adoptive mother with a note. Russia comes after China and Ethiopia in terms of adoptions to the U.S.

• New York City Council approved a bill Wednesday implementing new safety and stable conditions for horses, and doubling carriage ride rates. “The bill implements important humane standards for the horses, giving them a five-week vacation outside of the city every year and requiring larger stalls.” If only humans had it so good.

• Isaac Baichu, a federal immigration officer who asked for sex from a woman in exchange for a green card, has pleaded guilty.

• The average Brit has only three true friends. Stiff upper lip, mate.

• America continues to do its part to help make China fat: Mr. Softee is a hit in Suzhou, where he goes by “Mr. Soft Heart.”

• The East Village “Pee Phone” has been cleaned. Gentrification?