Morning Links: OTB Lives, New Yorkers Imagine a World Without Doormen, Chastity Becomes Chaz


Hey, it’s Monday, time for lots and lots of coffee and, of course, your Monday morning update.

• The OTB has a second (ninth?) life. The board voted to keep operations open for at least another year, and will submit a plan on how they will restructure the company to the New York State Wagering Board.

Two decades since the last doorman strike, people (with doormen) are once again freaking about who will open their doors, accept their packages, and operate their elevators… and bracing for — ew — “having to get to know the neighbors.” The complications could come at 12:01 a.m. Wednesday. Workers want wage increases, while building owners hope to reduce benefit costs.

• A BBC poll suggests that the world is liking America a little bit better these days. The uplift coincides with the election of President Obama. In overall popularity rankings: Germany is the most favorably viewed nation, followed by Japan, the U.K., Canada, and France. Iran is the least favorably viewed nation, followed by Pakistan, North Korea, Israel, and Russia.

• The baby hawks (called “eyasses,” who knew?) in Highbridge Park have hatched. Urban Hawks has video.

• In the latest of New York City playground annoyances, a whole bunch are padlocked. Parents, as you’d imagine, aren’t happy. And in Woodside, Queens, day laborers have taken over Hart Playground.

Chastity Bono is now pretty much completely Chaz.