The All Points West Festival Is Even More Dead Than It Was Before


Despite having Radiohead as a headliner in 2008, and Jay-Z and Coldplay on successive nights in 2009, AEG Live’s All Points West Festival has never seemed anything less than cursed: just ask anyone who braved the mudfields of Liberty State Park last year whether they’re eager to return. Now, it seems they won’t they won’t have to. After sending pretty unequivocal signals back in February that APW was a wrap–“I don’t know how great an experience it was for the fans,” an AEG exec said, by way of explaining why the festival had yet to book a headliner for 2010–the APW organizers now seem to be officially calling the whole thing off.

“We’re probably going to kill it,” AEG CEO Randy Phillips told Billboard, “mostly because the site. As beautiful as it is, it’s very hard to get New Yorkers to cross that river. All Points West is an experiment that just didn’t work.” Translation? God himself could cover Born to Run with Bob Dylan and the ghost of Jimi Hendrix on second and third guitar, and New Yorkers would still find a reason not to go to New Jersey. Guess we’ll just have to be content with seeing every single one of the bands who would otherwise be playing All Points West in one of our city’s many comfortable, spacious, and waterproof rock clubs instead.