What is Page Six Gossip Neel Shah Doing in my Taxi?


New Yorkers: Have you ever had the sinking feeling or faint paranoia that our fair city’s gossips are watching your every move, waiting for you to slip up, so they may then extract from your life further proof of the dog-eat-dog-while-crowd-watches-with-popcorn existential nature of the universe? Well, guess what?

You’re not wrong.

Yes, that is in fact New York Post gossip, Page Six’s own Neel Shah, formerly of Radar and Gawker. If, however, this comes as a surprise to you, please familiarize yourself with the state of The Media Economy, in two parts:

1. Reporters are hustling for stories everywhere they can. Your paranoia is not, in fact, unfounded.

2. Two Words: Freelance. Money. Operative term: “Money.” Hey, at least it’s better than the old way Page Six reporters used to earn their side cash.

Correction: Shah clarified that he was not, in fact, paid for his acting services in the ad.