BP’s Top Kill Failed? Oil Giant Crowdsourcing What to Do Next (UPDATED)


While the official word says that BP is still “assessing” the success level of this week’s “top kill” attempt to plug the massive oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico, reports are creeping in that it was a big fat failure. It’s clear that the gushing poisonous fluid has not yet stopped leaking, according to BP’s chief operating officer Don Suttles, but it’s too soon for a conclusive judgment. Still, the company is weighing its options for how to move forward. Honestly, why would BP be planning something else if this plan worked? Sounds like failure.

New Yorkers, while frustrated in creative ways, are far from the only ones pissed, as frustration grows from the real government to Malia Obama, all the way down to, of course, Twitter.

Now, after days and days of failure, BP is running out of ideas. Via NYC The Blog, a screenshot of the oil giant’s website begging for help from anyone who might have a bright idea:

UPDATE: Top kill abandoned. New strategy to come:

BP said Saturday that its “top kill” bid to plug the worst oil spill in U.S. history wasn’t working and that it would try another approach next.

“We now believe it’s time to move on,” BP PLC chief operating officer Doug Suttles told reporters.