‘Resto-Blogger’ Bruce Buschel Hires Joe Isidori to Helm His Nascent Hamptons Restaurant


Bruce Buschel, the blogging would-be Hamptons restaurateur, is back, and now he’s got a real, live chef along for the ride. On the latest installment of his Start-Up Chronicle, Buschel breaks the news that he’s hired Joe Isidori, the former chef at Harbour.

Isidori, Buschel writes, came in “armed with a business plan, a menu, boundless energy, and profound appreciation for local produce and fish and wines. From the moment he walked into the restaurant, he got it. He knew what we were trying to do.”

Isidori has a Michelin star, and his way with aquatic creatures helped Harbour earn a Voice nod for Best Sustainable Fish in 2009. That’s all well and good, but Buschel admits that he has yet to actually taste any of Isidori’s food.

Given Buschel’s prior travails in trying to hire a chef — one candidate had his nephew write Buschel “a long e-mail message about the strengths of his uncle as a cook and as a family man”; another showed up to the interview drunk; and another, Doug Psaltis, staged a disappearing act — one gets the sense that he had simply had enough, and was reassured by the flickering of Michelin stars before his eyes. Still, in exchange for his exhaustive list of things restaurant staffers should never do, perhaps someone should return the favor and write Buschel a list of 100 things restaurant owners should never do.