All Tomorrow’s Parties NY 2010 Additions: Shellac and the Greenhornes, A Cincinnati-Born Trio Who Coincidentally Includes Two of the Raconteurs


Today brings more confirmations for the three-day line-up of the Jim Jarmusch-curated All Tomorrow’s Parties New York. Adding to the stellar list of Explosions in the Sky, Raekwon, Sonic Youth, the Breeders, Fucked Up, Girls, and the Stooges doing Raw Power are Shellac (credited in the press release as “House Band,” which they more or less are), Hallogallo (“Michael Rother and Friends perform the Music of Neu!”), Text of Light (which includes Sonic Youth’s Lee Ranaldo), and the Greenhornes.

A little background on Greenhornes, for those who haven’t recently gorged on Skyline Chili: the Greenhornes are what Raconteurs’ members Jack Lawrence and drummer Patrick Keeler were doing back when they lived in Cincinnati and both worked at the Comet Tavern. (The Broken Flowers soundtrack featured their songs and they’ve opened for the White Stripes.) All of which might lead one to guess that since: 1) These two now play in the Raconteurs; 2) Jim Jarmusch is most definitely pals with Jack White; and 3) Jim Jarmusch directed the video for the band’s “Steady, As She Goes” video in 2006, a heretofore-unannounced Sunday-evening band might be . . . . THE RACONTEURS? Wild speculation at worst, terrific addition at best. (We can’t bring ourselves to float the idea of the White Stripes out there, but oh man.) In any event, Steve Albini will continue his time-honored tradition of running the poker table, and if that’s not enough for you, please do stay home. [ATP NY 2010]