The Annals of Shameful Cross-Promotion: Online Dating for People Who Like Salad


Even by the standards of the press releases that infiltrate Fork in the Road’s inbox, this one is fairly remarkable. It seems that the owners of the Just Salad chain have introduced an online dating service for people who claim to like their salads:

SaladMatch searches its ever-growing database for compatibility based on gender preference, favorite Just Salad location, top five salad toppings, dressing of choice and a special section for users to fill in criteria for their ideal “salad soulmate.” Users are presented with a list of possible matches and a place to keep track of their dating schedule. Naturally, users are encouraged to have their first date at their preferred Just Salad location.

Naturally. The site itself is very, very sad, as anemic as week-old lettuce and pallid as a winter tomato. The point here doesn’t seem to be to encourage romance so much as Just Salad patronage, though it may also encourage the use of various antidepressants.

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