White Slab Palace, Macarons, and New Guerrilla Ice Cream at This Weekend’s Hester Street Fair


The Hester Street Fair writes in to tell us of a couple new additions to the market this weekend: White Slab Palace (home of the vengeful caribou) will team up with Light & Savory (a new vegan/kosher catering company) to create the following menu:

Swedish meatballs — served with potato, lingonberries, and cucumbers

Brisket BLC sandwich — brisket, bacon, lettuce, and cucumber sandwich

Frittata varieties — ham and cheese, sage parsnip, sun-dried tomato

Basil fig salad with shaved Manchego

Also, Guerrilla Ice Cream is premiering a new flavor: Basta Ya! channels the Spanish grassroots organization into sweet corn and Flor de Caña rum ice cream with cinnamon and fresh papaya. And the socially conscious ice cream cart is also resurrecting Stonetown, which translates Zanzibar’s only functioning historical town into sugarcane and ginger shaved ice with buckwheat honey.

And the Macaron Parlour is returning with a new flavor, the Black Truffle.

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