Williamsburg’s Relish Diner Has Closed


The summer has claimed another classic railcar-style diner: Williamsburg’s Relish, a fixture of Wythe Avenue for years, has closed.

Based largely upon messages on the Facebook pages of former Relish employees, Gothamist reported earlier today that the diner was maybe, probably closed. And the signs didn’t look promising: The restaurant’s website was blank, and the answering machine message said only that Relish “will be closed July 7 and July 8.”

But according to Freemans’ William Tigertt, who left a message on Eater’s comments board, the place has definitely been shuttered: “I’m seeing resumes from the staff,” he wrote. “Years of ongoing MGMT issues sighted [sic].”

While Relish’s food wasn’t exactly transcendental, it was a reliable place for brunch and late-night dinner, had one of the neighborhood’s most generous patios, and boasted some of the best decor of any of the city’s restaurants. Its aesthetic appeal wasn’t lost on the pretty pictures/movie industry, either — among its credits was an extended scene in the 2003 screen adaptation of Angels in America.

Looks like it’s up to M. Wells to carry the railcar torch across the Pulaski Bridge. Or perhaps the nearby, long-defunct Miss Williamsburgh diner, gutted by fire early last year, will rise phoenix-like from its ashes to reclaim its former glory?