Newsweek Editor-in-Chief Jon Meacham Reportedly Out, Newsweek-C.I.A. Conspiracy Theory Reportedly In


Keith Kelly reports in the New York Post, like, a few minutes ago that Newsweek editor-in-chief Jon Meacham is supposedly out once the magazine’s sale to Sidney Harmon is complete. Politico’s Mike Allen just reported what’s all but a confirmation. And Michael Calderone of Yahoo just Tweeted out that everyone’s been called into a 4:30 PM meeting. Which is in ten minutes.

This is strange and sad, considering that Meacham has been a relentless — some might say heroic — crusader of Newsweek‘s cause — even at one point trying to secure financing from buyers himself — since it went on the Washington Post‘s chopping block. At one point it was rumored that Meacham was pulling $800,000 a year helming Newsweek, which, if true, is fucking insane. Also, it’d kind of make Meacham’s potential ouster from the magazine a little less sad, if only because it’d explain his desperate attempts to save the magazine as desperate attempts to save The Most Absurdly High Paying Job in Media. If it’s not true, why the dismissal? The magazine will never find a more Kool-Aid drunk leader and/or Believer In The Cause to help find the magazine’s way to shore after what could be a sticky transition. Keep in mind, everyone: The brand name is what counts, here. In other words: REMEMBER RADAR. Anyway: We called Meacham’s office for quote and like everyone else who has tried or will try that today, have yet to hear back. But his assistant was very nice.

Not-at-all related, one of our readers who enjoys the Village Voice — if only to understand what us Godless Homosexual Commie Stoners are up to these days — writes in on a comment:

It is inexcusable that this Village Voice announcement about purchase of Newsweek does *NOT* include the following very pertinent information about “audio equipment guy” Sidney Harman who is reported to have purchased Newsweek:

“The husband of Rep. Jane Harman (D-CA), one of the most powerful Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee, is the “galloping favorite” to buy Newsweek from The Washington Post.

The purchase would mark an odd synergy between a congresswoman with access to the most clandestine intelligence available, and an agenda-setting newsmagazine.” [rawstory dot com]

So, the VV serves up yet another example of the media covering up for The Facists yet again.


I only quote this comment because there’s so much LOL greatness here, but okay, that’s who Sidney Harman’s wife is. Now you know. If he’s buying this for his wife, that’s the worst anniversary present ever. Harman, trust us on this: Take her to The Maldives instead. That said, if California Democrats are fascists, I’d book a vacation in their gulags. And that said, if Newsweek actually does become a war-mongering infotainment pamphlet for the House Intelligence Committee, it might actually have a decent future on its hands. If Jeffrey Goldberg can make a living doing it, surely, there’s more room in that market. Finally, full disclosure, the only fascists I cover up for are the laundry gnomes who keep stealing my socks, because I’m in the middle of a sting operation, but for the sake of transparency, there. Happy?

UPDATE 1: Newsweek‘s sale confirmed.

UPDATE 2: The Nation‘s Greg Mitchell is basically like “Who gives a shit?” Ice cold, Greg Mitchell! The New York Times‘ David Carr is basically like “I TOLD YOU” because he wrote about the possibility of Harman buying the magazine back in May. Fair enough.