Hatey New Yorkers Live to Hate, Hate to Live


Here’s your existential New Yorker-angst question for this Monday: What annoys you most? Is it subway door-blockers? Chatty cell-phone cabbies? Delivery people who hit on you even though you’re answering the door for your pad thai in a smelly T-shirt and ripped lounge pants? The smell of fetid streets in summer? Last call? Or polls about what annoys you most as a New Yorker? Hmmm….

Well, the New York Post dug deep into these vital mysteries of city life for us, and even compiled a fun old-school chart for us to criticize! According to their tallies, we hate:

Tip jars!
Street fairs (But where else do you buy your knee socks?)!
Film shoots!
Bike delivery guys!
Subway-door blockers!
Tourists, especially the slow ones, but they’re all slow! Have you seen them?
Cab drivers who talk on their cell phones!
Drivers who block the box!

The most-hated people of all were the subway-door blockers, which is probably because they do not care one iota that you hate them for holding up your travel plans by, like, one whole minute. And while annoyance polls or last calls did not make the hate-cut, they are this blogger’s top pick, along with the building workers who keep buzzing her apartment for no apparent reason.

But at the end of the day, we New Yorkers should just be happy we have things to be annoyed about! It’s a sign of intelligence, or something. So, uh, seriously, what really bugs the crap out of you? We know there’s something better than blocking the box up in that bonnet of yours.