ChatRoulette Made Relevant Possibly for the Last Time by Genius, Hysterical Marketing Campaign (Video)


Yes, if you can see that headline, you read it correctly: “Genius,” and “Hysterical.” Two things people haven’t thought about ChatRoulette being since, well, everyone got over the initial excitement of ChatRoulette. Destined to be, at most, the Standard-Bearer for Sleepover Amusement (Computer-Related Mischief Category) from here on out, someone has finally found yet another incredible way to use it.

Of course, it involves marketing, but good marketing. If everything were marketed this well, we’d all be far more broke than we are. It’s…I can’t….just watch for yourselves. Via Denver Egotist and AgencySpy/Fishbowl NY, please have your sound on, and enjoy:

This has to go in the “Epic” file of the ChatRoulette canon that also includes the “Barack Obama” prank, as well as the Newsweek reel, the Ben Folds reel, and The Daily Show‘s reel. Slow clap.