NYC Cravings’ Zongzi


One might legitimately balk at paying $4 for a zongzi, those streamed glutinous rice bombs stuffed with good things and wrapped in bamboo that you can get in Chinatown for one buck. But in NYC Cravings’ defense, their zongzi are awfully good, available in Midtown, and ready to eat instead of needing to be steamed.

I stopped by the Taiwanese food truck just after they opened at noon today on the corner of Lexington and 51st, and there was a small line of four people ahead of me. By the time I was on my way back to the subway an hour later, the line stretched a good three-quarters of a block. Clearly, this truck has dedicated fans, many of whom are getting Taiwanese pork chop or fried chicken with pork sauce over rice.

But the zongzi is a tasty alternative, and one will fill you up for lunch. Inside the glossy, sticky rice, find boiled peanuts, luscious pork with great gobs of fat still attached, shiitake mushrooms, pickled cabbage, and Chinese sausage. It’s a sticky, steamy, porcine gutbomb.