Phish Fan Leaps 25 Feet From a Jones Beach Balcony: “Blood Everywhere”


Click on the photo that is being linked to there at your own peril.

In what the New York Post is already dubbing a “horror leap,” a 25-year-old man at last night’s Phish concert dove headfirst off a 25-foot Jones Beach balcony, landing “with a sickening thud” on the seats below. It happened around 10 p.m., during an intermission, which meant that hundreds of the roughly ten thousand people in attendance saw the fall. Said one witness: “I was sitting two rows behind from where he hit. He hit a chair and he broke the back of another chair. There was blood everywhere. Everyone was yelling, ‘Clear the way! Clear the way!’ ”

Another fan said the man deliberately jumped: “He pushed people out of the way and he jumped; he didn’t fall…It was intentional.” A helicopter and an ambulance were both summoned to the scene, where paramedics had to fight crowds to get the guy out of the stadium and into Nassau University Medical Center. He remains there now, in critical condition. Meanwhile commenters at the Post and the Daily News are already in a heated contest over who can make the most tasteless, “ph”-themed joke about the whole thing–click those two links at your own risk. (Or better yet, don’t.)

Horror leap at Phish concert [NYP]
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