Sean Penn on Wyclef Jean: “It Is Folly For We Americans to Assume ‘Our Haitian’ Is Their Answer”


Well, this will surely be awkward when Sean Penn and Wyclef Jean have to share whatever inevitable Haiti-relief benefit stage in six months from now. Hours after Haiti’s electoral council knocked out Wyclef’s appeal of their ruling that he couldn’t run for their presidency–because he hadn’t lived in the country for the requisite five years, and also because, we like to think, he was utterly unqualified for the job–Sean Penn took to the Huffington Post, where he reiterated that “the real and devastating human issues in Haiti must be handled and led by a qualified president’s deft hand,” not “His Excellency Wyclef Jean.” Also: “It is, it seems, folly for we Americans to assume ‘our Haitian’ is their answer, simply because we enjoy the sense of identification we may feel, or are paid to espouse.” Then he makes fun of Clef’s non-existent French and Jackie Chan-esque Creole. So remember that, when the two are dueting on “Haiti Mon Amour” for charity next year in front of an embarrassed television audience. [Huffington Post]