Mathieu Palombino Hints at Possible Motorino Expansion


Is Motorino expanding? That’s the conclusion Feast has reached after interviewing Mathieu Palombino last night.

In a video on the Feast Web site, Motorino’s pizzaiolo drops a few expansion hints, saying, “We’re going to open the Motorino that I always wanted to open.” Though he doesn’t say where or when, he explains that he wants “to do something where you will be able to walk in and sit down and don’t have to wait an hour … it would be more simple.” Palombino adds that he was recently in Napoli, where pizzerias are “servicing the community and I like that a lot.” So we can perhaps expect, in his words, “less fuss and hopefully more pizza.” Which, particularly in light of recent fusses, sounds like a future to believe in.