Burning a Koran Now Officially a Categorical Threat to American Safety


In what’s hopefully our last Koran-burning post of the day, it was just announced that the American government was put in a lose-lose situation by some bored Florida redneck, and lost: An NBC News reporter Tweets that Secretary of Defense Robert Gates had a “very brief” conversation with Pastor Terry Jones to “express his ‘grave concern'” about his plans to burn a book, and that it would put lives at risk.

What this says about the asshole Americans who are inevitably about to start posting pictures of burning Korans to Twitter and Facebook is beyond this blogger’s expertise of national defense strategy. Suffice it to say that hopefully, not all Koran-burnings are equal, because otherwise, we’re likely unequivocally fucked at this point, and should just hide underground until the terror stops. As if everyone didn’t already know about the centuries of bloodshed caused by religion, we’re now apparently just one stop short of Jesus raining down lightning bolts of pissiness on infidels or whatever. And in totally unrelated news, Matt Drudge still somehow has yet to set himself on fire. Today’s as good a day as any, apparently. He might even get some martyrdom out of it.