Oh, Great, a Superbug Gene Exists


Guess what? There’s a new gene identified that can turn bacteria into superbugs resistant to almost all antibiotics out there, according to health officials. It’s sickened three people in the U.S. — in California, Massachusetts, and Illinois — and two in Canada. All of them had recently gotten medical care in India.

Last month, a British medical journal mentioned a dozen similar cases in which Brits had gone to India for medical procedures. So far, the gene has mostly been discovered in bacteria causing gut or urinary infections. More worrisome than a stomach bug or UTI, however, is that this gene (not called “super” for nothing), can affect pretty much whatever germs it wants and makes them resistant to most drugs.

It goes without saying, but wash your hands, people! The good news: All of the patients survived. We presume there were, at least, commemorative T-shirts.

[via USA Today]