April Bloomfield Wants to Start a Farm, Open a Bakery


The John Dory Oyster Bar is opening its doors in the Breslin this week, and Eater has an interesting interview with April Bloomfield. Among other things, Bloomfield says that she and Ken Friedman have been looking for land upstate to start a farm.

Why? Because Bloomfield doesn’t “want to buy from big corporate distributors. I want to be able to produce stuff myself, put it on the table and have fun with it.” She’d also like to open a bakery, and in our wildest Fat Pants Friday dreams, she will.

Bloomfield also explains that the first John Dory closed in part because of its “sucky” location — it was too small, and the weather on Tenth Avenue scared away customers. And the new John Dory will not be the old John Dory — it will be an oyster bar, with crudo, a pan-roast system, and “clean, punchy tasty bits of small plates.” Also, it’s not British; it’s Mediterranean. As the woman synonymous with beef and stilton pie and thrice-cooked chips notes, “[y]ou can only do so much with British food.”