News About the Roxy


You know, the legendary dance club on West 18th Street, which has been sitting there since it closed in 2007, anxiously trying to court new life — any new life.

According to my writer friend Scott Gantkin, who works in the area:

“The owners have been unable to procure new tenants for the entire building, or the nightclub space on the second floor.

“However, they’ve managed to clear out the ground-floor parking garage and are leasing it to Verizon for a….drum roll, please…..parking garage!

“I roll my eyes every time I walk past the building, which is about four times a day. My eyes hurt!”

Not mine! I’m running to the parking garage as we speak to dance, beg for drink tickets, chat with the drag queens, and wonder why everyone’s in a K hole.

I’m ready for my closeup, Mr. DeMille, I mean Mr. DiNino!