People in This City Are Still Getting Killed. A Lot.


Did you hear? Crime in New York is up! Burglaries and grand larceny are down slightly, but robberies, felony assaults, and rapes are up! And murder is through the roof! There were three shooting-related deaths within 10 minutes of each other last night, and five others over the weekend. Homicide, everybody: this season’s trendiest felony.

The Daily News reports today on three shooting-related deaths last night, including a 23-year-old Brooklyn man who was shot after arguing with someone at a donut shop and two men who “were slain in their Bronx housing project in what detectives believe was a drug-related rubout.”

But wait, there’s more:

Yesterday, the New York Times‘ City Room blog had a run-down of those and five additional killings (all seven of the victims were shot) in Queens, Brooklyn, and the Bronx.

Overall, police say murders throughout the five boroughs are up 15 percent over last year (the Times says 2009 saw 399 murders compared to this year’s 459 in the same period).

Don’t panic, though. Four hundred murders is still a far cry from the city’s worst days. In 1990, the city saw a record-setting 2,245 murders. Yikes.