Why Is 50 Cent Hanging Out With YouTube Kid Keenan Cahill?


This video of 15-year-old YouTube star Keenan Cahill, better known as BeenerKeeKee19952, raises a lot of questions. Like, if this kid is famous for lip-syncing pop songs, why does he never actually know any of the lyrics? Where did he come from? What song is this? How exploitative is the propagation of Cahill’s videos on a scale of 1-10? And why in the world does 50 Cent show up halfway through this one? The answer to at least one of those questions is “Chelsea Handler.”

Here, Cahill, who suffers from Maroteaux-Lamy syndrome, which stunts his growth, is singing Jeremih’s new single, “Down On Me” featuring 50 Cent, in his typical style — in front of a webcam in a bedroom, sloppily. Except after his recent viral successes — his version of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” has 15 million views and rising — this Cahill production is special because it aired on Chelsea Lately.

Oh, and it features host Chelsea Handler’s rumored love interest 50 Cent, who is now living his life for maximum Googleability. With no album in sight, 50 can’t seem to get enough of the internet, probably because occasional rival Kanye West is ruling it so hard. In the wake of West’s Twitter takeover, 50 Cent followed suit. He’s also beefed with Perez Hilton and sort of started dating a television host.

Now, while Kanye spent part of the weekend rapping over the loudspeaker on a Delta flight, putting a notch for YouTube fame on his belt, 50 Cent links up with Cahill for some views of his own. Today’s rap stars, ladies and gentlemen.