The Daily Kill Dossier, Part 2: Another Hit List of News Corp’s Freshest Poaches


Previously, on Lost: we revealed the names of a bunch of people who fate landed in the News Corp. building to go work on Rupert Murdoch’s Dharma Initiative, a daily newspaper for the iPad called The Daily. Now we know who some of The Others are. Press Clips, Day 25, The News Corp Daily iPad Kill List, Part Two. Let’s name names.

On The Island:

  • Lauren Bans (New York Times, This Recording, The Awl)
  • Elizabeth Semrai (Travel + Leisure)
  • Jeb Reed (The Week, Radar Magazine)
  • Marianne Garvey (E! Online, Page Six)
  • Ben Carlson (Executive Editor at The Atlantic Wire)
  • Charles Curtis (ESPN The Magazine)

Turned ‘Em Down/Talks Fell Through:

  • John Herrmann (Gizmodo)
  • Matt Buchanan (Gizmodo)
  • Jasmine Moir (Daily Candy)
  • Basically Everyone From New York Magazine

Still In Play:

  • Dan Duray (New York Observer)?

The following names were also reported by Nick Summers in this week’s Observer cover story on the matter:

  • Shannon O’Meara (The London Paper or, ugh, “thelondonpaper“)
  • Justin Rocket Silverman (UrbanDaddy, New York Post Go-To Fingerbanging Expert)

[ADD ‘EM TO THE LIST! Know any more? Let’s hear.]

A few notes on these:

I Want Candy: The Daily culture editor Sasha Frere-Jones, you now know who had your job before you: Jasmine Moir, the executive editor of Daily Candy. Supposedly, Moir got cold feet and ducked out of there back in October before things got too hot and heavy, but she was “in” to the extent that she was talking with prospective editorial hires. Then last month, boom. From Daily Candy to The New Yorker! Not the shortest distance in terms of hiring pools but, well, there it is.

Trans-Atlantic: Ben Carlson’s a nice steal from The Atlantic Wire. So is Jeb Reed being abducted from The Week as well. The takeaway here is that both come from successful news aggregating operations, so they probably looked to for their ability to tap into zietgeisty news — i.e. What Everyone Is Reading — and put it front and center.

The Gawker Media Kool-Aid Is Strong: The Daily has yet to take anyone away from Gawker Media. Maybe it’s because one of their main selling points is that they’re supposedly doing Something New, as they’re supposedly revolutionizing the blog, or ditching it, or just giving it a better nose or whatever, which other companies aren’t. Nobody really knows what’s going to happen, but as Felix Salmon explained, at least one of these companies’ stock price can be understood by its employees in simple terms, so there’s that. But it probably has less to do with the stock price of the company and employees investing in equity than the way Gawker is fiercely protective (or at least: possessive) of their employees. Also of note is the very anti-Murdoch-iPad-app-sentiment going around there (see: “Why the iPad Newspaper is Doomed“).

Roshan-bo: I loved Radar as much as other people who loved Radar did, but Maer Roshan was not the first person I expected to pop up for attribution in Summers’ piece on people who think The Daily is going to work. Because someone who saw the same magazine go under three times — consecutively — doesn’t strike me as someone you want giving the first opinion on what does and doesn’t work in publishing! So it goes!

Rolling Stone Don’t Gather No Moss Employees: We also heard they went to a bunch of people at New York, but didn’t get far. At all. Like, at all.

The Slate-y Take on Why This Is So Going To Work arrived courtesy Slate’s Jack Shafer. Naturally.

Questions for the next episode:

  • Will The Daily close on any Gawker Media employees?
  • Will Rupert Murdoch’s further adventures in Kamikaze Economics™ — $60M on dying trees at the Wall Street Journal, $30M on a $0.99/week daily built for a format only a minority of the human population accesses (a $500 Angry Birds-player) — continue?